Litter Free Dorset is made up of a group of local organisations, charities and community groups. They all work together to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of litter.

This is done by trying to stop littering behaviour in the first place through projects and campaigns. We also work together with litter picking groups to help coordinate regular clean ups. All supporters want a Litter Free Dorset that acts in ways that help to achieve this and encourage other people to do so too.

Below are the people and organisations that make up Litter Free Dorset. If you have a litter or waste related question or are interested in joining our working group do get in touch!

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Litter Free working group

Why is creating a Litter Free Dorset so important to you?


Litter is harmful to wildlife and damages the quality of life of all of us by spoiling the landscapes that help us all to live happier, healthier lives.

Why is creating a Litter Free Dorset so important to you?


Littered items are often brightly-coloured, non-degradable and toxic. They spoil the view of Dorset’s countryside, pollute the land and endanger wildlife.