‘Don’t Be A Tos53r’ is a new campaign launched in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy aimed at
those who toss their rubbish out of car windows.

Research published by Keep Britain Tidy shows that a third of people (33%) do not know that the registered keeper of a vehicle can now be fined if someone in their car or van throws rubbish out of it.

‘Don’t be a TOS53R’ has been designed to send a hard-hitting message to drivers and their passengers that our roads are not one giant litter bin and that the owner of a vehicle can be fined up to £100 if rubbish is seen being thrown out of a car window.

Keep Britain Tidy Chief Executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “The mindless act of tossing plastic bottles and fast-food wrappers out of car windows is doing damage to our environment and our wildlife. We need to get the message out there that being a tosser is socially unacceptable and, regardless of who throws the rubbish, if it comes out of your vehicle you are responsible.”

#DontBeAToss53r video by Georgie Clark

New rules came into force in April 2018 to allow local authorities to fine the registered keeper of a vehicle if litter is seen being thrown from the vehicle. This means they no longer have to prove who threw the rubbish. To report litter thrown from a vehicle please contact Dorset Waste Partnership using the eform in the link on the left. Please provide as much information as possible and consider the below.

  • Do you have the make, model, colour and registration number of the vehicle?

  • Do you have any dash cam footage?

  • Would you be willing to make a witness statement?

Get Involved!

Litter Free Dorset would like to invite everyone to support the Don’t Be A Tos53r campaign.

1. Follow the campaign via social media @LitterFreeDrst Share, Like, Comment! #DontBeATosser

2. Collect a Don’t Be A Tosser window sticker from:

  • County Hall in Dorchester

  • Chesil Beach Centre in Weymouth

3. Report any litter that you see being ‘tossed’ from a car window!