The ‘Don’t Be A Tos53r’ campaign asks people to take their rubbish home.

This Summer Litter Free Dorset have developed the ‘Don’t Be A Tos53r’ campaign to target visitors that may choose to leave their rubbish behind in Dorset.

As lockdown restrictions where eased in June littering behaviour has increased dramatically. As people’s habits are moving to ‘take away’ options disposable packaging is on the rise and risks polluting our beautiful county if people choose to act irresponsibly. Many people are choosing to have staycations and consequently we have an increased amount of visitors coming to Dorset.  The increase in litter is putting additional strain on council services to manage increased litter and waste.

For the campaign we will be installing posters in Dorset Council car parks and signs in areas which experience high footfall during the Summer holidays. Litter Free Dorset are asking people to simply put their rubbish in the bin or if its full take it home with them.

The ‘Don’t Be A Tos53r’ enforcement campaign launched in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy targets those who toss their rubbish out of car windows.

Research published by Keep Britain Tidy shows that a third of people (33%) do not know that the registered keeper of a vehicle can now be fined if someone in their car or van throws rubbish out of it.

‘Don’t be a TOS53R’ has been designed to send a hard-hitting message to drivers and their passengers that our roads are not one giant litter bin and that the owner of a vehicle can be fined up to £100 if rubbish is seen being thrown out of a car window.

New rules came into force in April 2018 to allow local authorities to fine the registered keeper of a vehicle if litter is seen being thrown from the vehicle. This means they no longer have to prove who threw the rubbish. To report litter thrown from a vehicle please contact Dorset Waste Partnership using the eform in the link on the left. Please provide as much information as possible and consider the below.

  • Do you have the make, model, colour and registration number of the vehicle?

  • Do you have any dash cam footage?

  • Would you be willing to make a witness statement?