Community Campaigners

We work with a number of different community groups across the county. They run preventative campaigns, helping their communities learn how to stop waste becoming litter in the first place. Some work in a group, others work individually on a specific project, fitting in their volunteering around their other work, study or home commitments.

Whatever your situation, there are aspects of volunteering you can take part in to support the Litter Free Dorset cause, and we’re very grateful for all that these community groups and volunteers do.

Dorset Devils

Dorset Devils is a community of mainly Bournemouth residents who so love where they live they are prepared to pick up other people’s litter, whenever and wherever they decide. Also, during the year we do some DDactivities with schools, scout packs, other organisations and help out on a couple of local festivals to engage and encourage others to take positive steps where they live, work and play.

Dorset Devils voluntary group has an age range of 4-84 with everyone being fully kitted out and guided how to do it the DDway. They gain a sense of satisfaction helping to create community spirit and have fun along the way.

litter free purbeck

Litter-Free Purbeck was formed to help local volunteers organise their own litter picks in their own area, to provide equipment and guidance to those who want to improve their environment by removing the litter left by others. We now have several groups who meet regularly as well as joining in with Dorset-wide or national events such as Great British Spring Clean. We send out newsletters every 2 months or when there are events to publicise, or post on our Facebook page. We welcome new volunteers, no previous experience needed, and are able to support anyone wanting to start their own group in their community.

Wimborne War on Waste

Wimborne War on Waste (WWoW) is a focussed and dynamic community group that seeks to raise awareness about the environmental impact of single use plastic. They hope to inspire people to rethink and reduce their use of single use plastics, in particular, disposable coffee cups, plastic bottles, straws and bags. They work closely with local businesses, the Town Council, schools, community groups and other organisations to empower everyone to take positive action as the current single use culture is unsustainable.

Their first major event was to raise awareness around the issues of single-use disposable coffee cups in the town of Wimborne Minster. Most recently the voluntary group has successfully secured ‘Plastic Free Status’ for Wimborne and organised a ‘Plastic Free’ Street Party.

Check out the Wimborne War On Waste Facebook page for upcoming events or email