This September CPRE will be holding an England-wide litter pick to collect data on the numbers, sizes and materials of drinks containers that are littered across the country #GreenClean

Campaign To Protect Rural England (CPRE) has been campaigning for a deposit return system in England for 10 years, and in March this year environment secretary Michael Gove announced the Government would introduce one.

However, the campaign hasn’t ended there…

The people who oppose a deposit return scheme, including drinks manufacturers and the packaging industry, are pushing for a restricted deposit system, that would only collect bottles and cans that are classed as ‘on the go’. They are saying that it is only small plastic bottles that are littered.

In response to this CPRE are collecting data on the numbers and sizes and materials of drink containers that are littered.  CPRE will use the collective evidence from all the CPRE’s Green Clean litter picks in their national submission to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) upcoming consultation on the scope of England’s deposit system.

CPRE will use local information and take it to the highest levels of government.

CPRE Green Clean Litter Pick recording form

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