Litter Picking

Litter is a growing problem that affects countryside and urban areas alike.

We’re really pleased that you’re interested in making a difference to your local environment. Help us combat litter by joining an existing litter-picking community or by organising your own litter pick.

Organising a litter pick

During the current pandemic, please see our Covid-guidance for attending and organising litter picks
First steps

Decide on where you want to carry out your litter pick

Contact landowners to make sure you have legal access to this area. Landowners can be the town, district or county council, farmers, or local estate owners.


Decide when you will do the pick (date and time)

Allow ample time for preparation and promotion.


Rally your volunteers

Try to get support from other groups and individuals to make this a community event. You can use a poster to reach a wide range of volunteers.


Decide how you will present the clean-up to your volunteers

It can be a straightforward litter pick, or you can have some fun by setting a theme or creating a challenge for teams or individuals.


Make a site map

Make a note of your route and, if possible, identify locations for first aid, toilets, public phones, useful amenities, break areas and so on.


Consider public liability insurance

Public Liability can be organised through your Parish Council or Local community group alternatively you can also secure public liability insurance through Dorset County Council. There is no cost to do this. However, you will need to make sure that you follow all the guidance and procedures in this document to be covered by the Dorset County Council insurance. *If your event is private no public liability is required.



You will need a range of equipment. Dorset Waste Partnership can provide equipment so do get in touch with the closest Depot to you. Contact details below.


Arrange for waste disposal with Dorset Waste Partnership

Liaise directly with Dorset Waste Partnership to organise equipment hire and waste disposal. Area details below


Carry out a full risk assessment of the area

Have a look at the TEMPLATE produced by DWP to plan how you can deal with a comprehensive list of hazards.


First Aid

Within your group there should be at least one first aider. Litter Free Dorset can issue suitable first aid kits for groups. The First Aider should not ‘double up’ as the Group Leader unless there are two Group Leaders who are also trained First Aiders. Both a First Aider and a Group Leader are needed.


Covid Guidance

Click here to see the Litter Free Dorset covid guidance

Useful Links

CPRE’s Stop the Drop

Litter campaign pages are at WWW.CPRE.ORG.UK


CPRE and Cleanup

UK’s litter action website WWW.LITTERACTION.ORG.UK. This can help you to find your nearest litter picking group, or establish your own group.

Litter Picking Safety Guidance

Covid Guidance

Litter Picking Risk Assessment Template

Dorset Council Waste Services

Please contact the Dorset Council Waste Services team to borrow equipment and for the removal of litter

Weymouth & Portland

Mike Haines
Tel: 01305 225462

West Dorset

Ian Brewer
Tel: 01305 224880

North & East Dorset

Dave Nichols
Tel: 01202 971390


Robin Hildreth
Tel: 01929 555951

Join in with community-led litter action

Community campaigners

Community campaigners

Want to join up with local community-led groups creating behaviour change campaigns, to positively impact littering behaviour in Dorset? Click here to find out more!

Litter picking groups

Litter picking groups

Want to start litter picking, but unsure how to go-about it? Click here to find litter-picking groups near you!

Promote you Litter Pick!

Tell us where and when you litter picking is happening and we will spread the word via social media.

Remember to tag: @LitterFreeDrst

Get Snapping!

We love to see the results of all your litter picking efforts. Sharing stories of litter picks across Dorset encourages others to get involved.

Remember to email:

Thank you!

Thank you for rolling up those sleeves and getting stuck in. Every little bit helps towards Dorset becoming Litter Free.