Have you ever wondered where your rubbish and recycling head off to after collection from your kerbside by the Dorset Council Waste Services team? If you have, then this is the page for you!

What happens to my household waste once collected from kerbside?

After kerbside collection, our waste is taken to one of Dorset’s waste transfer stations where it is bulked up and loaded into vehicles to be sorted at various locations across the country. Any non-recyclable materials (too low quality or there isn’t a market for them) are sent to Energy from Waste (EfW) facilities, where they are incinerated to generate electricity.

Watch the video below to find out from Ian Manley, Dorset Council Waste Services,  a bit more about where our waste goes once it has been collected from our kerbside bins.

Recycling by material – more details

Plastic bottles

Where are plastic bottles taken to be recycled?

  • Recycling UK, J&A Young, Viridor, Centriforce, PPS, Newport CH, Materials Recovery, IFP, Newport Paper

How are the bottles recycled?

  • The bottles are processed and remoulded into new plastic products

  • OR made into fuel to create energy


Where is glass taken to be recycled?

  • Recresco, South Wales

  • URM Tilbury Docks

How is glass recycled?

  • The glass is sorted by colour and washed to remove impurities

  • Then it is crushed, melted and moulded into new glass products, such as bottles and jars

Cans and unsorted materials

Where are cans and unsorted materials taken to be recycled?

  • Cans: Ferrous to EMR

  • Aluminium to Novelis Recovery Facility, North Wales

How are these materials recycled?

  • The materials are separated using a wide variety of sorting and screen technology and then sold to a variety of outlets

Newspapers and pamphlets

Where are newspapers and pamphlets taken to be recycled?

  • UPM Shotton, North Wales

How are they recycled?

  • Newspaper and paper are recycled into newspaper and paper products.

Mixed paper and cardboard

Where are they taken to be recycled?

  • Saica, IFP Forest & Paper, Parenco

How are they recycled?

  • They are recycled and turned into new paper and packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes

Food waste

Where is food waste taken to be recycled?

  • Eco Sustainable Solutions, Piddlehinton, West Dorset

How is food waste recycled?

  • Anaerobic digestion: the food waste is broken down by microorganisms called methanogens to create soil improver, compost and a renewable energy source

Garden waste

Where is food waste taken to be recycled?

  • Eco Sustainable Solutions, Parley, East Dorset

  • Mark Farwell Composting, Stourpaine, North Dorset

How is the garden waste recycled?

  • Garden waste is composted and used in horticulture

For more information, check out the Dorset Council Waste Services web pages