Litter Free Weddings

How to reduce waste at weddings

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1. Save The Date

Save the planet whilst you save the date. Consider printing on seeded or 100% post-consumer recycled paper or, even better, go digital and send your more tech-savvy guests an e-invite.

Click here for an example of digital invitations that still feel like the real thing

2. Eco-friendly wedding venues

A wedding venue doesn’t have to be on a farm or in a field to be eco-friendly. Discuss with your venue the sustainable policies they have in place. Choosing a location near to you can also help reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding party.

Guides for Brides have put together a handy list of some of the best eco-friendly wedding venues in the UK:

Guides for Brides

3. Pre-loved & vintage wedding dresses

Why not consider a pre-loved or vintage wedding dress? Not only are they a sustainable alternative, they will also look brand new but cost you a fraction of the price!

Why not have a look in your local charity shops or check out this example of where to purchase your pre-loved wedding dress:

Click here to find your perfect pre-loved dress

4. Guilt free dining

Even at an outdoor event, crockery and cutlery cuts down on unnecessary paper or plastic use. If you haven’t got enough to go around, you can rent tableware for the celebration.

Lots of food left over from the late night buffet? Spread the love and donate it to your local food bank or community fridge.

Click here for crockery hire in Somerset, Devon and Dorset

5. Drink responsibly sustainably 

Ditch the plastic bottles and cups for something more sustainable. Give everyone a glass for the night and order any soft drinks in glass bottles.

Say no to plastic straws and ditch them all together or splash out on reusable straws for the night (that can also double as conscious party favours).

6. Flowers aren’t just for the big day 

Flowers don’t have to be just for the big day. There are a number of ways that you can prevent your bouquets from becoming waste. Potted plants make just as great a centrepiece as cut flowers and can double as wedding favours. Transform your bouquets by pressing or preserving them as a keepsake for the big day.

7. Decorations 

Don’t throw (g)litter at the newlyweds! There are plenty of plastic free confetti alternatives that don’t take a thousand years to decompose. You can buy or DIY petal confetti that’s just as pretty and biodegradable. Try swapping out balloons for bunting that doubles as home decor.

8. Personalise your favours

You could double up place cards and favours by baking a personalised cookie for each guest. A cheaper alternative to many wedding favour options and less likely to leave much waste! Alternatively, you could explore the range of wedding favours charities offer.

Click here for more eco-friendly wedding favour inspiration

9. Prevent pointless paper 

Cut down on unnecessary printing – does everybody need a printed programme and name plate? Consider emailing your guests a programme prior to the day and using a chalkboard table plan to keep the paper bin empty.

10. Don’t inflate to celebrate! 

Balloon releases and sky lanterns are a familiar sight at weddings, but what goes up must come down! Unfortunately, they can litter the surrounding area and can also harm wildlife. Bubbles are a fun and environmentally friendly alternative, you can even “go big” with giant bubbles.

Here’s a recipe for a bubble solution made with eco-friendly dish soap:

Eco-friendly bubbles