Litter Free School Policy & Event Guides

Check out the resources below for a litter free school policy poster, and information to help guide your school run litter free events, including litter picks and plastic awareness events. 


Check out the resource on the right, for a simple but effective poster, with ‘litter free school policy’ actions, to encourage students to:

  • Stop dropping litter

  • Litter pick

  • Re-use items

  • Recycle items

  • Reduce food waste

Go Green, Keep It Clean!

School Litter Policy

Litter Picking Safety Guide

Please also refer to our Covid Guidance before organising a litter pick

If organising a litter picking event for your school, please follow the Litter Free Dorset litter picking event guidance to ensure all volunteers can take part in a safe way.

All volunteers must hear the litter picking safety talk before the pick commences. Please follow the script and checklist included to ensure everyone stays safe at your event.

Click here to see the Litter Free Dorset Covid Guidance
Litter Free Dorset Community Litter Pick Safety Talk

Plastic Free Events

'Plastic Awareness Day' Event Guide

'Plastic Awareness Day' Event Guide

A Plastic Free Day is a great initial step to raise awareness about the amount of Single Use Plastic used everyday in schools, as well as identifying the most commonly used items. Click here to see our handy guide.

'Plastic Awareness Week' Event Guide

'Plastic Awareness Week' Event Guide

This resource was developed to help schools plan and conduct a ‘plastic awareness week’, for pupils to learn about the impact of single use plastic on the environment and explore what can be done about it. Originally this resource was created for Key Stage 2 but can be adapted for all Key Stages. Click here to view the ‘Plastic Awareness Week’ Event Guide.