A campaign to keep Dorset beautiful

A Litter Free Dorset campaign appealing to members of the public to act responsibly during the Covid-19 crisis, by stopping the dropping of their worn, disposable gloves and binning them instead.

Litter Free Dorset have announced the launch of the campaign ‘Let’s Keep Dorset Beautiful – Bin The Beast!’ to address the increase in potentially Covid-contaminated disposable gloves that are now frequently and worryingly ending up as litter on and in the nation’s streets and public spaces.

Not only is there a health and hygiene risk to members of the public if these discarded gloves are contaminated with Covid-19, but there is also an environmental impact – pollution.

Most disposable gloves are made of plastic or rubber which, during manufacturing, undergo different processes and are combined with additional chemicals. Once used and discarded, these can take years to decompose and breakdown adding to plastic pollution.

This pollution visually impacts on how our streets and public spaces look and feel, is damaging to wildlife and the environment, diverts and wastes Covid response time and resources into clearing up discarded gloves and other littered items.


  • As a protective measure against Covid-19, members of the public are using single-use gloves to prevent exposure to the virus

  • After partaking in physical exercise or once finished at the shops, these gloves are removed and disposed of

  • A large proportion of these gloves don’t seem to be making it into a bin. Instead they are ending up as litter on our pavements and in our carparks

  • The litter can be transported by rainwater and wind into drains, streams and rivers – ultimately ending up in the sea


  • Diverts and wastes Covid response time and resources

  • Risk to the health of frontline waste collectors and members of the public

  • Is a form of plastic pollution

  • Discarded PPE can be easily mistaken as food by animals – causing internal damage

  • Littered gloves and facemasks can also entrap and entangle smaller terrestrial and marine animals

  • Visually impacts how our villages and towns look and feel

Montage sourced from BBC – Dan Giannopoulos

Want to help?

Help us to protect both human lives and the environment by #GivingCovidTheFinger. Stop the drop, please don’t litter your gloves – #BinTheBeasts instead!

Litter Free Dorset would like to invite everyone to lend a hand and support the #BinTheBeast campaign

1. Follow the campaign via social media @LitterFreeDrst and help spread the message

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2. Share your pics of ghastly gloves!

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3. Print off a poster from our resource hub to stick in your window at home, in your shop or in your car!

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