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How to reduce litter and waste
at community events

Dorset is full of fantastic community events held throughout the year including the famous Knob and hat festival to name a few! Some events are already considering how to reduce litter and waste and making great changes to reduce the harmful effects of litter on our environment. Sharing these changes and tips to reduce litter inspired the project ‘Litter Free Events’. Litter Free Dorset have created some guidance to support organisers to be part of the solution!

Bring Your Own
Litter Free Event Guidance

Litter Free Dorset have put together this guidance to support you to reduce waste and litter at your next community event. Litter is unsightly and can travel into our waterways to contribute towards plastic pollution. At Litter Free, we believe in the importance of the waste hierarchy and always encourage people to reduce their waste and reuse items before recycling.

Use this tick list to check your events eco credentials and be part of the ‘Bring Your Own’ revolution.

Bring Your Own Litter Free Event Guidance

Community Cup Scheme

Don’t get mugged off. Reuse to reduce waste and litter. Use a Deposit Return Cup Scheme at your event.

Litter Free Dorset have 500 community cups which can be borrowed for community events.

How It Works

  • Customers buy a community cup for a £1 deposit – all cold beverages are sold using a reusable cup.

  • When people have finished with their cup, they can return it and receive their deposit back.

  • Cups will then be washed and packed away ready for the next community event.



Event Pack

Your event pack includes;

The Community Cups Scheme which includes 500 reusable cups, the Community Cup ‘How To Guide’ for event organisers and event goers

Refill Signs x 4

Anti-littering posters x 4

Promotional Material

Logos for promotional material:

Bring Your Own Logo

Community Cup Logo

Refill Logo

Recycling Bin Logo

General Waste Bin Logo

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