Campaigning to reduce litter and improve water quality in Dorset


Tackling Dog Fouling

Don’t Poop n Run

The ‘Don’t Poop and Run’ campaign has been designed by dog owners for other dog owners. We have kept the campaign humorous and light-hearted. The tagline ‘Don’t Poop and Run’ is a take on urban slang ‘Grab and Run’ and the hashtag ‘Bag it Bin it’ gives a simple call to action. We have added a warning note ‘leaving dog poop damages street credibility’ for extra giggles.

If you have a dog poo issue where you live get in touch. You can also report repeated dog fouling to Dorset Council, please see the link below.

Myth Busters!

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common, poo. Judging what is socially and environmentally acceptable to do with your dog’s poo can be a bit of minefield so we have debunked some of the myths and simplified everything…no matter the size, no matter the place… Bag it and Bin it!

“As long as its not on the path its ok. I just stick and flick if it’s not.”

Small children do not stick to paths! Dog poo on pram wheels and in shoes is not fun. Plus Dog faeces can seriously impact on local farm animals. Bacteria contained in faeces can cause cattle to abort. Once a cow has been infected, they remain infected for life so all future calves they have are likely to abort.

“It’s fine to leave it because it will just wash away when it next rains”

“Away” actually means that it is likely to reach our local rivers and seas in this case. Dog faeces is very high in bacteria and local sea swimmers, paddleboarders and paddlers will not want to splash around with floaters that could make them sick.

“There is cow and sheep poo all over the countryside, what is the big deal about dog poo?”

Cows and sheep are herbivores so their poo is broken-down plant matter, a bit like compost whereas dogs’ diets contain processed meats and fish products. You wouldn’t want to spread dog poo on your allotment! Dog poo can contain: Neospora, Giardia, Salmonella, Leptospira and E. coli.

“Dog poo can only go in dog poo bins”

You can put them in any bin! Any bin will do!

Jurassic Bark

Jurassic Bark (previously known as Pooo Pin) are a group of dog owning friends who meet up to enjoy the beautiful countryside and coast in Dorset. Jurassic Bark help keep our beaches and local areas clean by carrying out beach cleans and picking up discarded dog poo left by irresponsible owners. Jurassic Bark is led by Helen Freeman in the West of Dorset and Bridget Mayes in Purbeck.

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