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Story Books

Finn The Fortunate Tiger Shark & His Fantastic Friends by Georgina Stevens

Be The Change Books

The Wild Tribe Hero Stories by Ellie Jackson, Laura Collwood and Liz Oldmeadow

Short Litter-Related Films

Stop Marine Plastic Pollution

What really happens to the plastic you throw away?

Why is plastic a problem?

This short film, bought to you by BBC Newsround, explores what happens to plastic after it is thrown away.

Why do people want to ban plastic?

This BBC Newsround short film explores plastic pollution and why people want single-use plastics banned.

Jemima Glitter and the voyage of Bob the Bottle

– a poem by Steve Backshall

The Majestic Plastic Bag

– a mockumentary

Our Blue Planet: how does plastic actually enter our Oceans?

Our Blue Planet: #2MinuteBeachClean

Online platforms creating change!

Clean Up Britain

Clean up Britain is a campaign to find sustainable and effective solutions to Britain’s epidemic of litter and fly-tipping.

Kids Against Plastic

Kids Against Plastic aims to help young people (and not so young people) to learn about environmental issues such as plastic pollution and the Climate Crisis. Through free resources, initiatives and the awesome KAP Club, Kids Against Plastic work to inspire and empower others into action.

Less Plastic

Less Plastic are an ocean-loving, non-profit Community Interest Company based in South Devon, raising awareness of ocean plastic and provide practical ways for individuals & organisations to make a difference by using less plastic and taking actions that restore nature.

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Plastic Pollution Coalition is a growing global alliance of more than 1,200 organizations, businesses, and thought leaders in 75 countries working toward a world free of plastic pollution and its toxic impact on humans, animals, waterways, the ocean, and the environment. 


The SHiFT Method, created by Emily Penn, ocean advocate and eXXpedition Co-Founder, is designed to help people find their role in solving the world’s most pressing plastic pollution issues.

1 Million Women

1 Million Women is a movement of women and girls from every corner of the planet building a lifestyle revolution to fight the climate crisis – take a look at their website for more information.

School resources

Take a look at our schools programme page for useful links to lots of school specific resources, including Eco-schools, links to plastic pollution lesson plans and activities and other useful tools.

Litter picking & recycling information

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