Campaigning to reduce litter and improve water quality in Dorset


Don’t Feed The Locals

Isn’t it a pain when a seagull sneakily steals a chip out of your hands?

Not only are gulls dangerous when they dive, they end up pooing in the sea where we swim and paddle. Gull faeces contributes to levels of harmful bacteria in seawater, which is exacerbated where the bird population is higher than it would be based on natural resources alone. In turn, this has a detrimental impact on wider marine habitats and ecosystems.

When gulls find unattended food and overflowing bins, they rip apart any packaging and this can get littered by being blown around. The gulls may also consume or get tangled in the packaging which is harmful to them. The solution – never leave unwanted food and always take your rubbish home.

The ‘Dont Feed The Locals’ Campaign

Businesses can play a big part in helping spread the message to customers. By displaying campaign messaging in store and reducing the amount of packaging which is given out with takeaway food.

Room for a poster in store? Or have a space in your window? Let us know and we can supply artwork to help you reduce litter near your business.

Thank you for taking your rubbish home

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